Recording proves Mikel Zabalza died after being tortured at Intxaurrondo Civil Guard barracks

Publication: Monday February 22, 2021 17:53

A conversation dating from November 1985 and now revealed could shed light on the death of Mikel Zabalza. Former CESID colonel Juan Alberto Perote and a high command from the Intxaurrondo garrison join the conversation, admitting that the torture has gotten out of hand and that Mikel Zabalza died during interrogation.

His body appeared 20 days after his arrest in the Bidasoa River and the Civil Guard has always maintained that he escaped from the barracks and that they lost his trace there. But the audios specify that Zabalza died while being tortured.

Among other details, Captain Pedro Gómez Nieto is heard saying that “many mistakes have been made, meaning that they are questioning him while the family is in the next room”. He also noted: “I think it is, because the doctor said he was in poor health, that he should have had three operations in the past year, and I think they stayed. . ”

The audios in which we listen to Gómez Nieto go further: “My judgment is so quickly mine of values, that their hand is gone, that it has remained in the interrogation”, he admits. To which Perote asks: “Do you think they died in Intxaurrondo?” Gómez Nieto’s answer is enlightening: “Yes, I have the impression that during the interrogation, it was perhaps a cardiac arrest as a result of the bag on the head.”

They also explicitly describe torture techniques: “There comes a time when what you breathe is your carbon monoxide, then you drown, you drown, you drowned.[…] The sphincters open and the guy chokes. […] The hood should be transparent so that he can see the life and the feeling of death that he takes. ”

The recordings emerge during the investigation of the documentary “Where’s Mikel?” by Miguel Ángel Llamas and Amaria Merino, are among them and are revealed after a long investigation, 36 years after their death.

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