recover the underwear and “fire the servants”

Updated: Thursday, December 10, 2020 1:28 PM

Published on: 10.12.2020 13:17

This Thursday, December 10, the deadline given by the judge to the Franco family to deliver the Pazo de Meirás to the prosecutor and grandson of the dictator, Francis Franco, detailed how the last day as owners of the towers unfolded. . : take off the underwear and “fire the servants”.

“If you have to hand it over because the judge said so, then it’s delivered. On Friday they told us they didn’t extend the deadline or that they were going to let us take anything away. looks like they were going to let us take off our underwear, “Francisco Franco’s grandson said in statements to Antena 3.

His last day was this Wednesday, when they came to drop off the keys that the state attorney general will receive today: “It was yesterday to fire the servants we had there, there was a wedding, and to hand it over to court, “said.

“We are not going to participate in the circus,” said Francis Franco. The family will not be present today at the symbolic handing over of the keys to the state representative and the Xunta inspectors who went to check the inventory of public property. Yes, there will be a legal representative of the family.

Events in the Pazo

Dozens of demonstrators gathered on Thursday near the Pazo de Meirás demanding that the Franco “return what was stolen”: “The pazo belongs to the people, Francoism never again”, exclaimed the demonstrators, the militants of the BNG in Galician, with letters nailed to the Torres de las Meirás lawn claiming popular ownership.

The surrender was preceded by numerous protests from social entities and political organizations demanding a return described as “historic” and judicial writings of one party and the other since last September 2, the court of Coruña confirmed the lawsuit brought by the state and declared him the owner of the Pazo de Meirás.

Despite this, the Franks opposed the realization of an inventory of goods, requested by the state and accepted by the judge, in addition to proposing a postponement of the date of delivery of the pazo, after being published in the media. who were to transfer the aforementioned products.

The Franks will only be able to withdraw those for “strictly personal use” or those which do not compromise the possible “final uses” of the pazo, declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC), in 2008 and whose visits were managed until now by the Francisco Franco Foundation. The guards, meanwhile, will have until January 15 to leave the house they live in.

The delivery takes place the same week when the inventory of goods made by the technicians of the Xunta and National Heritage was known, a total of 697 collected in the report prepared by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, of which 81 at the outside and 616 inside the pazo.

There are statues of Mestre Mateo with altarpieces of the Virgin, paintings by Pardo Bazán or the dictator himself and his wife Carmen Polo with the furniture of the royal family, as collected, in turn, in his report, National heritage.

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