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the essentials A new trailer for the next edition of OSS 117 titled Red Alert in Black Africa has been unveiled by Gaumont. Postponed several times, the theatrical release is planned for August 4th.

“New decade, new mission … and new colleague!
How Hubert get to know OSS 1001 ”, describes the Gaumont account on Youtube.

On Friday June 4th, they released a new, unseen trailer for the next OSS 117 Opus: Red Alert in Black Africa. In this third film of the hit comedy by Nicolas Bedos, OSS 117, whose real name is Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath (Jean Dujardin), sees its influence challenged by the arrival of a younger and more promising agent, OSS 1001 (Pierre Niney). .

And while the newcomer is initially impressed, “with sweaty hands” when he meets “the legend” OSS 117, OSS 1001 will quickly take its place and steal the show from its predecessor. “He reminds me of you thirty years ago,” said his superior in front of a visibly irritated OSS 117.

Postponed several times due to the pandemic, the publication of the next part of “OSS 117:” Red Alert in Black Africa “is planned for August 4th.

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