reduces work accidents by more than 50%

Man at the center and risk 0, two of the main axes of the company’s strategy

The success of Grup Montaner in protecting its employees: it reduces work accidents by more than 50%

Grup Montaner, a holding company of companies specializing in human resources services, has reduced the accident rate by 55.2% over the past 3 years. In 2020, after the design of new prevention actions and intensive monitoring in the various customer work centers in which the group operates, accidents compared to 2019 were reduced by 29.4%.

Reducing the number of accidents by more than 50% is also positive given the fact that the average workforce is the same as in 2017. In fact, the percentage change in accident reduction from year to year would be the following: from 2018 compared to 2017 it was reduced by 12.40%, from 2019 compared to 2018 by 13.41 and from 2020 to 2019 by 29.46%.

The trend is therefore positive and reflects the meticulous work carried out year after year by the Health and Safety department to achieve risk 0.

The areas prioritized last year were logistics, chronicles and cleaning. Coinciding as essential in the state of alarm, all of them had a positive impact on production and personnel. For the companies concerned, an initial training plan for workers was proposed, the role of the center coordinator was optimized for the application of preventive measures, and all accidents were analyzed one by one to avoid more cases. Thus, in the Quality interim business, 91 accidents were reduced compared to 2019. And, at TQ Servicios, a company specializing in outsourcing of services, it recorded 46 fewer cases.

Grup Montaner’s main objective is to achieve “zero risk”. This objective aims to minimize the overall risks of the company, with particular attention to those which affect people. In the case of the group’s businesses which offer outsourcing and temporary work, this objective becomes all the more important as it concerns Grup Montaner employees who perform their duties in external work centers. To achieve this, possible accidents and work incidents (“AT” and “IT”) are analyzed and assessed on a daily basis through its own system of indicators.

In 2020, the reduction of accidents and absenteeism in jobs derived from AT was achieved thanks to a specific health and safety plan which includes improvements in the facilities, the implementation of new safe work instructions, with face-to-face and online training sessions for employees from their incorporation at the client’s workplace Training in 2020 was continuous, but also specific according to the needs of the various work centers, with particular attention to Covid- 19.

Internally, he opted for the integration of two professionals in the Health and Safety team, greater coordination was established with the managers of the center, an exhaustive monitoring of employees was also carried out, and they set up specific protocols for each. center, 100% of the workforce has been trained in Covid 19, the centers and offices have been equipped with screens, mats, gels, thermometers, etc.

“The arrival of Covid-19 represented a new challenge for all risk prevention professionals,” explains Roberto Lago, director of health and safety at Grup Montaner. “The pandemic has resulted in a change in absenteeism in the centers, we have worked against the clock to enforce health and safety protocols and communicate them to employees so that with so many workforce changes (and greater production), safety is maintained as one of the main axes of daily life ”.

“The year-end data reflects the quality and effort of the work accomplished throughout the pandemic. The teams have worked very hard alongside our customers, being their best partner in terms of workplace safety, but also ensuring the safety of our own centers. Thanks to this, we obtained the “Safe Covid Area” certificate at the group headquarters and those of Quality, our temporary work brand. Our aspiration is that every employee comes home healthy every day ”, explains Joan Montaner, CEO of Grup Montaner.

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