Registration for Microsoft Build 2021 is now open

Less is missing. Like every year, many of us look forward to Microsoft Build 2021. This macro event hosted by Microsoft every year is developer-focused and this is where Microsoft usually reveals its plans for the near future. We had previously warned that it would take place between May 25 and May 27 and now registrations are open through Microsoft’s website.

New Microsoft Store, Visual Studio 2022 and Project Reunion: the possible protagonists of Build 2021

As it cannot be otherwise, the event will take place entirely online. Microsoft is expected to place particular emphasis on aspects such as Project Reunion and PWA. It also wouldn’t be unreasonable to hear about the new Microsoft Store and its new policies, as it’s something that directly affects the developer community.

As we told you before, the new Windows app store will be completely rewritten to offer a new design, much better performance and open its doors to all kinds of apps. It highlights the fact that Microsoft will allow downloading apps in EXE or MSI format without packaging from the Store, which until recently seemed impossible.

It is also highly likely that Visual Studio 2022 will have its share of dominance throughout the 2021 release. It will be the first 64-bit version of this app.

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