Relations with the Chinese Taliban: conflict in Xinjiang Terrorists of the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan gathered 90 km from the Chinese border in Afghanistan

China is deeply troubled by the growing Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and the chaos that has spread across the country. It is reported that a large number of East Turkestan Islamic Movement terrorists operating in Xinjiang have gathered 90 kilometers from the Chinese border. After that, President Xi Jinping changed his strategy and changed his special envoy to Afghanistan. Since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, China has increased its diplomatic activity. It is said that the change of special envoy is also part of this exercise.

China fears Xinjiang’s security
China has taken this step at a time when the withdrawal of US troops from war-torn Afghanistan is expected to have a detrimental effect on the sensitive province of Xinjiang. China continues to threaten the security of Xinjiang from Uyghur Muslim extremists. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the current special envoy to Afghanistan Liu Jian will be replaced by Yui Xiao Yang, who has served as Chinese ambassador to Qatar, Jordan and Ireland.

China contacts the Taliban
Liu served as Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Malaysia and Pakistan and was only appointed special envoy to Afghanistan last year. Zhao said the Afghan issue is at the center of the international community, therefore China attaches great importance to dialogue and coordination with all parties concerned and will continue to play a positive role in maintaining peace and stability. in Afghanistan.

Chinese “terrorists” in Xinjiang stand 90 km away
The Taliban have captured the border points of Iran, Pakistan and China. There are reports that activists from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement separatist group have gathered in large numbers in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan. 90 km from the border of this province is shared by the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Xinjiang province also shares borders with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Tajikistan.

Taliban see China as friendly country
However, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in a recent interview that they consider China a “friend” and would not allow Uyghur separatist fighters in Xinjiang province to operate from Afghanistan. But observers believe China’s skepticism of the Taliban remains.

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