Remdesivir against the coronavirus: the effect of remdesivir on the coronavirus explained in a context of increasing demand: how effective is Remedisvir against the Corona virus

Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly across the country and the outbreak is once again showing its gruesome form. In such a situation, people’s confidence in Remdesivir increases. It is believed to be effective in the treatment of Kovid-19. The Indian government has also banned its exports until the situation improves. Reports of its shortage are coming in many places. Even in many places people are making lines for this. However, research results challenge this belief. WHO clinical trials have not produced much effect, but several studies have claimed that it works against the corona virus. In such a situation, it is important to understand the effectiveness of this drug and can it be considered a “ panacea ” against the corona virus?

Was made for Ebola

Remadecivir was developed as an Ebola drug by Gilead Sciences, but many other viruses are thought to die from it. It blocks the enzyme that helps copy the corona virus. Because of this, the virus does not spread throughout the body. Studies have shown that RemadeSvir blocks the activity of SARS and MERS. The same drug was administered to US President Donald Trump when he was found positive for the corona virus. A woman who won a battle with Corona in the US state of Washington, sharing her personal experience, said her husband recovered from Corona with the help of remdesivir.

WHO has been removed from the list

However, data from clinical trials have shown that this drug is not as effective. The World Health Organization solidarity trial clearly showed that an international study of 5,000 people found the drug to have little or no effect on hospitalization for Kovid-19. For this, standards such as mortality, the need for ventilation and hospitalization were observed. WHO was then excluded from the list of drugs administered to patients. Experts say it can prevent the virus from replicating for a few days, as studies from the University of Chicago and the University of Texas have shown.

‘Don’t bother to buy’

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) also said in its guidelines last year that it cannot be considered standard care and only shows effect within the first 10 days. Even this time around, Dr Shashank Joshi, a member of Maharashtra’s Kovid task force, said people shouldn’t bother buying it. It does not affect mortality. He expressed the possibility that by giving this, doctors will want to keep empty beds in hospitals so that serious patients can be admitted.

Black marketing and rising prices

In the midst of it all, due to rising prices and black marketing, there was also a challenge for governments. Zydus injection is available for Rs 899 and takes around Rs 4,500 in a five day course. At the same time, in order to keep the prices under control due to the increasing demand, it was decided to keep the price of Remedisvir in Maharashtra between 1100 and 1400 rupees. There have been hoarding complaints in many places and there have been allegations of selling the prize. Even taking advantage of the constraint of the population, the injections are sold between 8 and 10,000 rupees.

Long line for Remedesvir injection outside Gujarat hospital

Long line for Remedesvir injection outside Gujarat hospital

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