Reptile Zoo California Serpents Video: Video: Shivering after watching video of man surrounded by snakes, people said – “ We can’t even see ” – video of man surrounded by snakes in Reptile Zoo California goes viral

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A video of Reptile Joo, based in California, US, is being shared these days. In this video Joo founder Jay Brewer sits among huge and dangerous snakes, many people are shaken when they see this video but no effect on the California brewer
A great video of Reptile Ju located in the US city of California is being shared on Twitter these days. In this video, Zoo founder Jay Brewer sits among huge and dangerous snakes. Seeing this video a lot of people trembled but these snakes didn’t seem to have any effect on the brewer. So far, millions of people have watched this video.

We see in the video that these snakes come in all kinds and colors, big and small and surround the brewer everywhere. Watching this video, if you think it’s not scary to be among so many snakes, you are wrong. Once in the video, a swarm of snakes fell on the brewer. In this he got out of hand. However, Brewer was not afraid of this and seemed rather happy.

‘It was my dream when I was a little kid’
Brewer is seen saying in the video, “When I was little it was my dream ever since … a snake juo.” He called on people to make their dreams come true too. He thanked the social media users and during this time a whole bunch of snakes came across him. After that, he shouted happily and continued to laugh. A Twitter user tweeted this video and asked if you could live among these snakes for an hour, will I give you $ 50 million?

On that video, one person said, “Oh no, I can’t even watch this video or touch the part of the screen where these dangerous snakes are.” Another user said that these snakes are bigger than me. On the other hand, other people have said that these snakes are not poisonous. It is rumored that this video was first uploaded to the Reptile Zoo Instagram page in 2019.

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