Republicans furious at the ban on Trump’s Twitter account, said – it’s not China, it would make Mao proud – Republican leaders angry at the permanent ban on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, claiming that the America is not China

Republican Party leaders are on fire after the final closure of US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Many Republican leaders, including popular Indo-American American leader Nikki Haley, have slammed Twitter for the move. The leaders said that the United States is not China, that would make Maotse Tung proud. On Friday, Twitter permanently suspended its Twitter account due to Donald Trump’s tweet triggering violence.

Nikki Haley said – things like this are happening in China
Nikki Haley tweeted Friday that silencing people and not mentioning the President of the United States are things happening in China, not our country. Haley, who was the US ambassador to the United Nations, said it was amazing. He, however, condemned Trump’s remarks at a closed-door meeting of the Republican National Committee in Florida on Friday in which he instigated his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol.

Trump’s minister said: speech should be free
U.S. Housing and Urban Development Minister Dr. Ben Carson also opposed Twitter’s move. He said silencing a large number of voters and erasing history is not the way to unite us. The big tech and social media platforms want to be treated like media organizations, but don’t want to be held accountable to the rest of the media. The floor must be free whether you agree or not.

“America not China, deleting the account is a mistake”
Carson said America is not China. You want to stop Donald Trump, okay you are a private company, but deleting the president’s account via Twitter, which talks about this administration and its history, is a mistake.

Donald Trump becomes Trump’s digital director
Twitter deleted the account of Trump’s digital ad campaign manager Gary Coby after which he changed his Twitter name to “ Donald Trump ” and tweeted from that account. Jason Miller, Trump’s longtime mentor, called Twitter’s move “ very bad. ”

Trump’s son said – Mao would be proud
Donald Trump, Jr., the president’s son, sarcastically said Maotse Tung would be proud. He was referring to Maotse Tung, the founder of the People’s Republic of China. There is no freedom of speech and expression even in China.

These social media platforms have banned Trump
The list of social media platforms banning Trump is growing day by day. Right now, there are at least 9 social sites that have banned Trump.
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