Resignation of Hifazat e Islam leader Abdul Awal: Violence during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bangladesh; Radical Hifazat-e-Islam leader to resign – PM Modi Bangladesh visits violence Hifazat e Islam Leader Abdul Awal to resign

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Naib-e-Amir of the militant organization “Hifazat-e-Islam” in Bangladesh has resigned, Abdul Awal, the head of the Narayanganj unit of Hifajat, announced his resignation.
Naib-e-Amir of the militant organization “Hifajat-e-Islam” in Bangladesh and Abdul Awal, head of the Narayanganj unit in Hifajat, have announced their resignation. Awal is said to have announced his resignation from his post, expressing his displeasure with activists in his organization who carried out violent actions across the country for three days.

Aval announced this in his speech Monday night at the DIT Shopping Zone Railway Mosque in Narayanganj on the occasion of Shab-e-Baaraat. On behalf of the opposition to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh, Hifazat-e-Islam activists committed acts of violence, sabotage and arson across the country, including in Dhaka, Narayanganj , Sylhet, Brahmanberia, Chittagong.
Revealed: Jamaat-e-Islami hatched violence plot during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bangladesh
The militant organization used the children of Qaumi madrasas to sabotage and burn down government establishments. He also vandalized all government offices, police stations and temples in Brahmanberia and Chittagong. They attacked public vehicles and the police with bricks. Police also opened fire on them in two districts to keep the situation under control. At least 60 police officers were injured and 14 people were killed in the clash.

Round of talks about resignation after music video went viral
Meanwhile, the security chief could not be contacted by phone despite repeated attempts. But, his Khadim (personal assistant) Mehdi Hasan confirmed that Aval had announced his resignation and that there was no pressure on him. The organization’s publicity secretary, Mufti Muhammad Abdul Mu’min, claimed there was a misunderstanding among Hifjat leaders … this was not an official resignation.

He said: “Maybe Naib-e-Amir wanted to leave the organization because of a misunderstanding. He may have issues with local leaders. However, the viral music video is genuine. Significantly, after Naib-e-Amir’s music video went viral, discussions began about his resignation.

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