Response from Yolanda Díaz to Teodoro García Egea regarding unemployment data

Publication: Thursday, April 15, 2021 10:35

Last Wednesday, there was a control session at the Congress of Deputies. The coalition government has been held accountable to the opposition and the parties that supported its rise to power. The appearances pivoted on the end of the state of alert, the management of the pandemic and the stimulus plan to mitigate the effects of COVID. Yolanda Díaz was created there as the third vice-president, who played in a showdown with the number two of the PP Teodoro García Egea.

The People’s Secretary General began by wishing “good luck” to the executive, while specifying that “his communist vision goes against the interests of the citizens”. He later asked: “You are leaving the ministry with six million unemployed and 40% youth unemployment, the highest in the European Union, and over a million families with all their members unemployed.” And she ended her speech with a question: “Is the Minister satisfied with these data?”

Before these words, the third vice-president violently attacked the parliamentarian: “I presume that a leader of the PP does not manipulate the unemployment data. The number of unemployed is 3,940,640. These 6 million, I understand, they remind him of the PP the direction of Rajoy, which in 2013 had these figures and a youth unemployment rate of 56% ”.

In this sense, Yolanda Díaz declared that “what this government is doing is trying to appease the main problem of this country with the help of social dialogue and the European Commission”. He later accused the popular group of “voting against and not supporting the government in the royal decree of 9, 10, 11 […] And what is worse, they have come to vote against the main tool for rebuilding our country and creating jobs, the stimulus plan. “

He ended his speech by explaining that “the task of the Spanish Government, of the social workers and of this country is to join in the reforms that we are going to carry out. Go ahead and build positively. Go ahead, work and build for Your people.”

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