Response of Fernando Simón to the declarations of refusal of Victoria Abril

“Without wanting to judge anyone, the truth is, it doesn’t help.” This is how Fernando Simón said to himself on Monday when he was asked his opinion on the denial statements of actress Victoria Abril, who in recent days has come to speak of “plandemic” or “coronacircus “and questioned the effectiveness of vaccines.

“People who have a lot of visibility are, of course, free to express themselves as they see fit and to say what they deem right to say”, declared the director of the Center for the coordination of health alerts and emergencies ( CCAES). .

However, Simón recalled the terrible consequences that the coronavirus pandemic has had in Spain over the past year. “The truth is we’ve had several thousand deaths, three million or more cases, we’ve got overcrowded intensive care units, we’ve had the health care system on the ropes … I think that’s not helping “, he insisted.

“People who have, or who have, I had the chance or the misfortune to have a lot of visibility this year, we must be wary of this type of statement”, added the epidemiologist, who nevertheless said to understand that “when we have a lot of media pressure, sometimes we say things that we don’t mean or that we don’t want to say, that maybe we say in favor that we will regret it later”.

“I’ve already said that I don’t want to judge him, but of course to help, not to help,” he concluded.

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