Rest of Europe News: Belarus: President Lukashenko may resign, public has been on the streets since August – Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko may step down when new constitution is adopted

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recently alluded to the resignation of his post. He has been in power in Belarus for 26 years. Lukashenko is known as the last dictator in Europe. Lukashenko won a controversial victory in the August 9 elections. Since then, people there have been on the streets. Demonstrations against the president take place almost daily in several cities, including Razdhani Minsk.

Lukashenko expressed his desire to resign
According to the BBC report, in a statement released Friday, Lukashenko, 66, said the country’s constitution should be reformed to undermine the role of the presidency. Lukashenko further stressed that this reform or change proposal is not for him personally, as he will not continue to be president in the new system. However, Lukashenko did not specify a time to leave the presidency.

The demonstration continues until August 9
The protests began in Belarus after the presidential election on August 9, which continues today. Svetlana Tikhanovsna, the opposition leader who challenged President Alexander Lukashenko, left the country for Lithuania due to the deteriorating environment and fear of action. He was afraid of reprisals when he was in Belarus. Regarding the popular protest after the election results, Svetlana said that even though I lost the election, I have no courage. My fight against the dictatorship will continue.

Lukashenko received 80% of the vote
President Lukashenko, 65, came to power in Belarus when he first won elections in 1994, when Svetlana was 9 years old. This time, Svetlana, 37, challenged the power of Lukashenko. The country’s Central Election Commission said after the ballot count that Lukashenko got 80.23% of the vote, while its main opposition candidate, Svetlana Tikhanovsna, got just 9.9% of the vote.

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