Rest of Europe News: Brother of terrorist who strangled three people in France says – We are Muslims and against terrorism – Brother of terrorist Brahim Aouissaoui who attacked beautiful church in France says we are Muslims and are against terrorism

Video of the attack was requested by the family of the terrorist who strangled three people with a knife at a church in Nice, France. Forward Ibrahim Isaoi is from the African country of Tunisia. The attacker’s brother said we are Muslims and we are against terrorism. Let me show that my brother attacked me.

The attacker’s mother said I want my son
Her family in activist Ibrahim Isaoi’s hometown of Sfax described it as shocking and called for peace. Ibrahim’s mother Gamra cried, saying we want to know the truth about how my son carried out this terrorist attack? I want to see what is visible in the surveillance cameras. I want my son, alive or dead.

Father and brother said – against terrorism
The perpetrator Ibrahim’s father and brother said that if Ibrahim was attacked in truth, he would have to face justice. His brother Wisem said that we are Muslims. We are against terrorism and we are poor. Show me my brother attacked him and punish him like a terrorist.

“ Entry ban for Pakistani nationals in France ”, opposition leader asks for support

Three countries involved in the investigation of the attack
Officials in France, Italy and Tunisia are trying to find out what was the main motive of suspect Ibrahim Isaoi and whether he carried out the attack alone or whether it was a well-planned plot. Authorities have called the attack on the church Islamic terrorism because it is seen to be linked to tensions arising after a French newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. Ibrahim reached France via Italy last month.

20-year-old Tunisian bomber entered church with Quran and knife in hand

Third accused of attacking a church arrested
The attacker, Ibrahim, who was charged with the murder of three people in the church, was seriously injured during a police action and is hospitalized in critical condition. An investigator said on Saturday that a 35-year-old man who had met Ibrahim in Nees was arrested. At the same time, a 47-year-old man who had met Ibrahim the day before the attack was already in police custody. So far, three defendants in this case are in police custody. However, its connection to the attack could not be clarified. In the past, an extremist group in Tunisia claimed responsibility for the attack. Tunisian and French authorities are investigating these allegations.

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