Rest of Europe News: Denmark waged war on radical Islam, ban on funding for mosques from abroad

Denmark has launched a campaign to fight growing Islamic fundamentalism in the country. A bill was also tabled in parliament there, recommending that mosques be prohibited from overseas funding. The bill states that mosques will be prevented from accepting money from individuals, organizations and associations that oppose or undermine democratic values, fundamental freedoms and human rights.

Denmark takes action against religious extremism
Countries are also preparing to be banned from funding in this bill following allegations of spreading Wahhabi ideology from Saudi funding in Denmark. Danish Integration Minister Mattias Tsefe wrote on Facebook that we promised to speed up work against negative social control and religious extremism.

Mosque was exhibited for funding from Saudi Arabia
The Danish national daily Berlingke revealed earlier this year that Saudi Arabia, through its embassy in Denmark, had funded the Taiba Mosque in Copenhagen for around $ 790,000. This is the first case of financial aid from a Saudi mosque in Denmark. Since then, there has been a debate in the country about where Danish mosques get their money and what forces control them.

Ruckus continues on Sharia law
Since then the Danish government, which has come under pressure, has announced a law to prevent money coming from suspicious and undemocratic countries, individuals and organizations in the country. The bill was supported by all opposition parties, including the government. A few days ago there was a lot of heckling in Denmark about Sharia law. After that, the government had to provide clarification.

Opposition to the bill also with the government
Famous Danish leader Pia Kjarsgaard also praised the agreement between the government and the opposition. He said clearly that Middle Eastern regimes should not be allowed to send money to mosques or Koranic schools in Denmark to undermine Danish values. We therefore welcome this measure and look forward to putting an end to the attacks on democracy.

Denmark waged ‘war’ on Sharia law, summoned ambassador for Iranian embassy intervention

Denmark also in action against Sharia law
Denmark has also stepped up its action against imams promoting Sharia law. At the same time, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador when the link of the Iranian Embassy to increase Islamic activities in the country appeared. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod called Iran’s interference in Danish legislation unacceptable.

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Iranian ambassador summoned
He said that we have come to know the role of the Iranian embassy in Sharia divorce contracts. We have summoned Iranian Ambassador Afasneh Nadipore for this. We will seek their clarification on this matter. Politics in Denmark have also intensified following the alleged involvement of Iran. Opposition parties strongly condemned Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen.

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