Rest of Europe News: Does Turkish President Erdogan Want to Be the Leader of Sunni Islam? Tensions with France fueled

Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan does not only support the boycott of French products. Behind this, they seek to establish themselves as great leaders of Sunni Islam. A few days ago, he advised French President Emmanuel Macron to brainstorm. Also Monday, on the government television channel, Erdogan urged citizens not to buy French labeled products.

Erdogan didn’t get mad at France for the first time
It’s not that Turkish President Erdogan is raging France for the first time. He had previously shown fierce anger over support for Greece and the deployment of the French army in the Mediterranean. Erdogan even accused France of waging war. Turkey had simply said that France would only increase tensions by deploying troops in the region.

Erdogan changes Ataturk’s values?
Mustafa Kamal Ataturk aka Mustafa Kamal Pasha, who laid the foundations of the Turkish Republic, began to draw inspiration from Europe by eliminating religion. Islamic law (sharia) was replaced by European civil codes, secularism was included in the constitution, attempted to unite men and women in society and changed the face of a predominantly Muslim country. However, President Rajab Tayyib Arduan, who has been in power in the country for more than a decade and a half, has gradually started to change Ataturk’s ideal country to a Muslim democracy.

Why Turkish President Erdogan is fucking with France, know the real reason for the dispute

Atatürk had banned Islam
Atatürk preached Turkish tradition and culture in such a way that the spirit of the global Muslim community should be evoked in the minds of the people more than nationalism. He led the government with the laity on the ideal of Kemalism. Based on the political order and law and order he established, he did not give Muslims the freedom to do anything that might affect their issues like religious land , income. Even enacted laws to curb politicians who supported Islam.

Turkey again supports Pakistan over Kashmir, becomes center of anti-Indian activity

Erdogan, dreaming of capturing the Mediterranean sea
Erdogan wants Turkey to occupy the Mediterranean Sea filled with gas and oil. This is why, in the days of Turkey, oil exploration vessels sometimes sailed in Greece or sometimes in the Strait of Cyprus. Tensions in Greece and Turkey had increased so much that the conditions for war between the armies of the two countries were created. At the same time, many countries of the European Union, including France, also support Greece.

President Erdogan leading secular Turkey from Ataturk to radical Islam?

Erdogan wants to be the Messiah of Muslims
Turkish President Erdogan wants to become the new messiah of Muslims around the world. In such a situation, whenever they see something against Muslims, they immediately jump. France has launched a campaign against Muslim fundamentalists since the recent strangulation of a teacher. This allowed Erdogan to spit venom against France.

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