Rest of Europe News: Erdo ोग an had to be heavily smashed by France and the United States, the Turkish currency ‘lira’ at record levels

Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan is having sex with the United States and France. On Friday, the Turkish lira was seen at an all time high against the dollar. The lira showed a slight improvement on Saturday, but the dollar remained at a low of 8.52 pounds. Gusay Erdogan called on the country’s central bank chief on Saturday amid a record lira drop and rising inflation. deleted.

Former Minister of Finance, new director of the central bank
The president’s decision was announced in the Turkish Official Gazette. As a result, central bank chief Murat Uysal was removed from his post and former finance minister Nasi Agbal replaced. The decision was taken by President Erdo आन year after the Turkish lira has fallen by nearly a third of its value since the start of the year.

Turkish economy in crisis due to US restrictions
The Turkish economy is going through a slump these days due to US restrictions. On Monday, the Turkish lira hit an all-time high after the US warning to impose economic sanctions. Turkey is part of NATO, a military organization led by the United States. He bought the S-400 air defense system from Russia. Turkey tested this system, after which the United States warned to impose economic sanctions on Turkey.

France and Turkey face to face in ongoing war in Libya
Sinan Ulgen, analyst at the Adam Research Institute in Turkey, believes that by his statement Erdo कोशिश an attempted to show that he was the protector of the rights of Muslims around the world. Ulgen said: “The ongoing controversy over the cartoon is part of the growing rivalry between the two countries.” France has formed a strategic alliance with the United Arab Emirates to counter the growing influence of political Islam in West Asia and North Africa.

Erdogan protects Islam to distract from problems
Erdogan also talks about religion and patriotism to distract people from the real issues. Turkey’s economic situation has steadily deteriorated over the past few months. The value of its currency has reached an all time high. Unemployment and inflation figures in the country set new records every day. There was an uprising in Turkey before, which Erdogan crushed with the force of the army. In such a situation, he tries to focus people’s attention on other issues with the help of those issues.

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