Rest of Europe News: France: Third “ terrorist ” linked to attack on NICE, agencies engaged in rage, French police arrest third terrorist linked to fine knife attack

Police arrested a third aide to a terrorist who stabbed a church in the city of Nice, France. According to a report from French BFM TV, the suspected terrorist was arrested on Friday. The captured 33-year-old is a relative of another terrorist arrested earlier. He was captured from his home during a police raid.

Allahu Akbar cried terrorist
On Thursday morning, a 21-year-old Tunisian terrorist attacked the church in Nees with a knife. Three people were killed in this attack. The assailant was then shot dead by the police. The mayor of Nees said he shouted Allahu Akbar when the attacker was receiving first aid after being shot. The terrorist is currently hospitalized in critical condition. French and Tunisian counterterrorism agencies are investigating this case.

Many cases were already recorded on the attacker
The 21-year-old Tunisian citizen who was involved in an attack on a church in Nice, France, had minor cases of violence as a teenager, but not something Tunisian officials considered extreme. Ibrahim Isaoi was ordered to be evacuated from Italy where he arrived illegally on board the ferry. Overall, he was free to go wherever he wanted. Ibrahim then traveled to Beroktok France.

Italy did not give refuge to the terrorist attacker
Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorghies told the PA on Friday that Ibrahim had no suspicion of Tunisian officials or intelligence services. He said there was no room for him in the crowded rehabilitation centers in Italy. However, there are agreements to repatriate Tunisian citizens who are not eligible to stay in Italian shelters. In this context, Larmogies said that apparently we give priority to people who do not suspect the police or the Tunisian authorities.

Attack a terrorist used to drink alcohol
Mohsin Dali, spokesman for the Tunisian anti-terrorism prosecution, said Ibrahim was not classified as a terrorist element. According to Dali, Ibrahim’s mother told investigators that she led a normal life like people her age. He was an alcoholic and wore simple clothes. He started offering namaz two years ago and had no alleged partners.

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