Rest of Europe News: Now mob attack on church in Austria, intelligence agencies suspect Turkish youth – mob attack on church in Austria, intelligence agencies suspect Turkish youth

A group of 30 to 50 young people vandalized a church in the Austrian capital, Vienna. When the ecclesiastical authorities called the police, the disbelievers fled. Intelligence agencies have raised doubts about the organization of Turkish youth regarding this attack. After that, many teams of police and intelligence agencies became active in dealing with these disbelievers.

Suspicious of an attack on a Turkish group
According to the report, the attack on St. Anton’s Church, located in the Faworiton district of Vienna, took place on Thursday. The group of attackers attempted to damage the furniture in the church. Investigators suspect that young Turks may have committed the incident and are connecting to each other through social media.

Police are looking for attackers
Police said when the youths started damaging the furniture, a member of the clergy notified the police and they all fled before the police reached the scene. Police said in a statement on Saturday that no damage was done and no one was injured in the incident.

Declaration of war against political Islam
The local intelligence agency is investigating the case. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tweeted Friday evening that all Christians in Austria would be able to conduct their religious conduct freely and safely. We will continue the fight against political Islam.

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