Rest of Europe News: Russia has again contaminated the world’s deadliest hypersonic missile, the speed is 9888 km / h

Russia has tested the world’s fastest flying hypersonic anti-ship missile, Zirkan, amid growing tension with the United States in the Baltic Sea. The Russian Defense Ministry said during this period the missile reached speeds of over 8 Mach (9888 km / h). According to surveillance and live recording data, the missile accurately distinguished its target located 450 km away.

Fire in the sea baraunt at night
The Russian Defense Ministry said the missile was tested at night in the Barent Sea. This was the second successful test of this missile. Previously, this hypersonic missile was fired by Russian Navy figur Admiral Gorshkov in October 2020. This time too, this missile was launched from this warship. The missile is also expected to be deployed on the Project 1164 missile cruiser, Marshal Ustinov, and the Project 22350 frigate, Admiral Kasatanov.

450 km covered in 4.5 minutes
The Defense Ministry said the range of this hypersonic missile was 450 km. The missile flew from an altitude of 28 km and destroyed its target, covering a distance of 450 km in 4.5 minutes. During this time, the missile reached a speed of 8 Mach. Explain that Russia is at the forefront of hypersonic missiles. Russia has started to deploy its 3M22 Zircon missile.

This hypersonic missile is therefore deadly
Common missiles follow ballistic trajectories. This means that their paths can be easily followed. This gives the enemy the opportunity to prepare and counterattack while the hypersonic weapon system is not operating on a fixed course. For this reason, the enemy will never guess which way is his path. The speed is so fast the target won’t even know it. In other words, the air defense system will fill the water in front of it.

No other country has this missile cut
Apart from Russia’s state-of-the-art S-500 air defense system, no country has the capability to intercept hypersonic missiles. America is also making this Brahmastra for collision with Russia and China. President Donald Trump has said the United States continues to manufacture unreliable military hardware. He called it a super-duper missile. Trump also said it is 17 times faster than the missiles we have now.

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