Rest of Europe News: Russia to deploy two weapons face-to-face, S-300 against Turkey’s S-400, Greece – Greece to deploy S-300 against Turkey’s S-400 missile system , two of Russia’s leading weapons face to face

Tensions in the oil and gas sector in Turkey and Greece remain constant. Turkey has again announced the start of oil and gas exploration in the disputed Mediterranean Sea region. Greece has already adopted an aggressive stance towards the occupation in the region. For this reason, it is believed that if Turkish ships re-enter the disputed area, they will face strong resistance from Greece.

Russia’s two arms clash
The two countries have also intensified their preparation for war in view of the increasing possibilities of war. Where Turkey bought and operationalized the S-400 defense system from Russia. At the same time, Greece also activated the Russian defense system S-300. The Greek military also plans to test the Russian S-300 in a few days. In such a situation, it is believed that if there is war between the two countries, only two weapons of Russia will be face to face.

Turkey deploys Russian S-400 defense system
Turkey had said earlier that the operation of the S-400 system would begin in April, but there was a delay in activating the system. Turkish media last week reported that the military had tested the Russian S-400 air defense system in Sinope province, near the Black Sea. It is believed that tensions between the United States and Turkey could escalate further in the coming days. The Turkish military is also monitoring American F-16 fighter jets with S-400 radar.

Greece can test the S-300 next week
According to the report, Greece is also preparing to test its Russian S-300 defense system deployed on the island of Crete. According to a report by the Greek news agency Pentapostagma, satellite images from the Turkish military have shown Greece may test its S-300 missile battery next week. The system has recently been upgraded with more powerful missiles and radars. In such a situation, the threat of Turkish fighter jets on drones has also increased.

Turkey agreed – Testing Russian S-400 against US F-16, said – We don’t need clearance

Turkish F-16 reconnaissance aircraft with S-400 radar
A few days ago, there were reports that the Turkish army activated the Russian S-400 defense system. The Turkish force uses the radar of this Russian defense system to detect F-16 fighter jets. Using this radar, it attempts to track F-16 ships from France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus involved in NATO’s Unumia military exercise.

Turkey searches for F-16 on Russian S-400 radar, US threatens to ban

American F-16 near Turkey and Greece
Let us know that Turkey also has an F-16 fighter plane purchased from the United States. In which Turkey made some modifications according to its requirement and christened it F-16S. At the same time, Greece also has American F-16 fighter jets. These days, relations between Turkey and America are not going well. Just for revenge, he uses Russian weapons against American weapons. The United States has already imposed numerous restrictions on Turkey, which has brought its economy to the brink of ruin.

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