Rest of Europe News: Second attack on church in France in 72 hours, gunman shot pastor – Orthodox priest injured in shooting in city of Lyon in France, second attack on church in 72 hours

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Attack on church in France again, gunman shoots pastor, escapes police custody
The second incident of an attack on the Church in France in the past 72 hours has been revealed. On Saturday, an armed man with a hunting rifle shot at the Orthodox pastor in the town of Leon. The pastor of Greek citizenship injured in the attack was hospitalized for treatment. Doctors said the pastor was seriously shot and wounded at close range. The attacker is still on the run from the police.

The French Ministry of the Interior gave information
The French Interior Ministry tweeted that the incident occurred in the southeastern town of Leon. Security and emergency personnel are on scene. The ministry issued a warning, urging people to stay away from the scene of the incident. The Interior Ministry has not yet provided information on whether the attack was terrorism-related or carried out as part of a mutual rivalry.

Three days ago, there was a terrorist attack on the church in Nice
Three days earlier, Thursday morning, a 21-year-old Tunisian terrorist attacked the church in Nees with a knife. Three people were killed in this attack. The assailant was then shot dead by the police. The mayor of Nees said he shouted Allahu Akbar when the attacker was receiving first aid after being shot.

Increase in alert levels in France
A second lockdown was announced on Friday due to the increase in cases of the corona virus in France. However, the government exempted places of worship until Monday. For this reason, a large number of people were preparing to celebrate All Saints’ Day on Sunday. But, after these attacks, the level of alert was raised throughout France.

“ Entry ban for Pakistani nationals in France ”, opposition leader asks for support

Third partner of terrorist who attacked church in Nees arrested
Police arrested a third associate of a terrorist who stabbed a church in the city of Nice. According to a report from French BFM TV, the suspected terrorist was arrested on Friday. The captured 33-year-old is a relative of another terrorist arrested earlier. He was captured from his home during a police raid.

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