Rest of Europe News: Turkey: Work to save people from debris continues even after 48 hours of earthquake, 58 dead so far – Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 58, relief and rescue operations are still ongoing

Relief and rescue operations continue on a war footing, around 48 hours after the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Greece. The Turkish army and several agencies are looking for those trapped in the rubble. Rescuers on Sunday removed a 70-year-old man trapped in the wreckage of a building in western Turkey in the past 34 hours. The elderly were hospitalized for treatment.

58 people have died so far
At least 58 people have died in the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey, while more than 900 people have been injured. Rescue and relief work has been underway since the Friday afternoon earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Aegean Sea, northeast of the island of Samos in Greece. Rescue and rescue teams are working in nine buildings in the city of Izmir in Turkey on Sunday.

The earthquake caused more damage in Turkey
Turkish Vice President Fuat Okte said the death toll rose to 58 in Izmir after more bodies were found in the rubble. Friday’s earthquake killed two teenagers in Samos and injured at least 19 others.

12 earthquakes devastated in Turkey, buildings not wrapped like cards, 12 killed

The Minister of Health informed of the evacuation of the elderly
Rescuers managed to get 70-year-old Ahmat Sitim out of the wreckage of a building at midnight on Sunday. Health Minister Fahretin Koka tweeted that the old man came out and said I never gave up hope.

Turkey quake due to severe earthquake, multi-story buildings fall like this

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