Rest of Europe News: What Emmanuel Macron Said As Muslim Countries Break Up, Demanding Boycott of French Goods – Boycott France is trending on Twitter amid Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Islam Recep

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Anger in Muslim countries over protests by the French president, demonstrations in many places and many big marketing chains in Kuwait have banned French products Boycott the trend of French products on social media, even in Pakistan and Turkey
French President Emmanuel Macron’s condemnation of Islamic terrorism now seems damning. Demand to boycott French products has intensified in most Muslim countries, including Arabia. It is reported that French products have been withdrawn from several stores in Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar. Demonstrations also took place in Asia against Pakistan and Bangladesh against France.

What did President Macron say
In fact, on October 16, a teacher was strangled to death in the suburbs of Paris for showing a cartoon by Mohammad Sahab. After which the French president called it Islamic terrorism. He had said that Islam is a religion in crisis all over the world today. He also said he was concerned that the French population of around six million Muslims was isolated from the mainstream of society. Since then, protests against the French president have intensified.

Call for a boycott of French products on social networks
Many Muslim countries are calling for a boycott of French products. Social media are all the rage #BoycottFrenchProducts, #BoycottFrance Products, #boycottfrance #boycott_French_products #ProphetMuhammad on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

France suffered heavy losses in Qatar and Kuwait
France’s trade with the Gulf countries of Qatar and Kuwait is expected to suffer heavy losses. The Alnheim Cooperative Society, the Suburb Afternoon Association, the Iqla Cooperative Society and the Saad Al Abdullah City Cooperative Society, which manages the Kuwait supermarket chain, have announced the withdrawal of French products. At the same time, Alwazba Dairy Company and Almera Consumer Goods Company of Qatar also made similar announcements.

France also opposes social networks in India
France’s opposition is also all the rage on social media in India. Many users supported the boycott of French products. However, no social protests are yet reported in India. #Boycott_French_Products and #boycottfrance are all the rage on Indian social media.

How much damage can be done to France
Boycotting products to France could cause significant damage. French-made beauty products and many other products are sold abroad at high prices. French products also have a great reputation on the international market. Designer clothes made here are also in great demand abroad. Apart from that, French wine and champagne are also very well known.

Controversy over the prophet’s caricatures: Imran Khan speaks with a Turkish voice, the French president incites Muslims

Pakistan summoned the French ambassador
Pakistan summoned the French Ambassador for the French President’s statement. Meanwhile, Pakistan also recorded its official protest to the French diplomat. Imran Khan tweeted on Sunday: “ It is unfortunate that he (Macron) chose a path to promote Islamophobia only when he attacked Islam instead of attacking terrorists. Terrorists, be they Muslims, white supremacists or Nazi views.

Turkey fueled by French action against fundamentalists, said Erdogan – Macrons must be brainwashed

Turkish president falls on bad luck
Turkish President Rajab Tayyib Erdugan said in a speech in Kasseri, the central city of Turkey, what is this man called Macron’s problem with Muslims and Islam? Macros must undergo mental processing. Erdogan added what can be said to a nation leader who does not understand freedom of religion. Also who behaves this way for the millions of people living in their country who are of a different religion. Fueled by the Turkish President’s statement, France recalled its Ambassador from Ankara.

Why Turkish President Erdogan is fucking with France, know the real reason for the dispute

France called for the boycott to be withdrawn
The French Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday, saying its ambassadors had been sent to countries where French products are boycotted. These countries were urged to withdraw the boycott. At the same time, the safety of the French citizens who live there will be ensured. The Foreign Ministry said: “In many countries in the Middle East, there have been calls to boycott French products and to protest against France. It is in the context of the spread of hatred that is disseminated on social networks.

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