Rest of Europe News: WHO was negligent in Corona shutdown, so world is in havoc – looking for source of coronavirus, World Health Organization has let China take the lead

There have been many doubts about the role of the World Health Organization in preventing the ravages of the corona virus. US President Donald Trump himself has described this United Nations organization as a slave to China. In mid-February, a WHO team arrived in China to investigate the slow growth of the corona virus. This team was to find out how this virus passed from animals to humans.

WHO ignored the warning given earlier
According to the New York Times report, until then, only the deaths of these people were reported outside of China due to the corona virus. Scientists in China and around the world hoped that by getting the source of the virus to spread from animals, it would be easy to stop. Then WHO Emergency Director Dr Mike Ryan said that if we do not know the source of this virus, in the future we will quickly take possession of it. Detecting the source of this virus is a very important next step.

China did not allow the investigation
However, the World Health Organization team was unaware at the time that it would not be allowed to investigate the source of the virus in China. Despite the advice of Dr Ryan and the Emergency Committee, WHO leaders have quietly ignored the advice of its experts on negotiated terms. He did not question China’s initial response to infection with the virus or visit the wet animal market in Wuhan city where the virus is believed to have originated.

So far no investigation of corona
Nine months after that day, as more than 1.2 million people have died around the world, the world has received no transparent and independent investigation into the origin of the virus. China has obstructed all external investigative efforts. Even so far, he has only given permission to the World Health Organization investigative team. WHO has submitted a list of experts to China, but no response has been received.

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WHO gave no warning in time
At the time of the outbreak of this epidemic, the only organization monitoring health matters in the world was helpless and calm. This institution did not issue any warning in time and did not conduct any investigation properly. Countries around the world had to bear the brunt of this. This agency gave no information about the test kit or the vaccine. He didn’t even mention anything about Corona’s treatment.

A large number of people have been infected
By the time the corona virus test kit was being developed in most countries, including Europe and America, it was too late. Around this time, cases of this virus began to appear in small numbers in almost every country in the world. Later, this number grew so fast that even developed countries like America, France, Britain, Italy could not handle the wave of this virus.

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