Rest, the main measure for the development of a healthy life

Every morning you want to wake up with full vitality and complete all tasks with ease, be efficient and not feel the fatigue, which usually appears after a cup of coffee in the first hour of the morning. How do we get the body to wake up and obey our desire to work with courage? How to force your mind to be more focused and efficient? The key is in the rest.

Fatigue: a defense mechanism

Our bodies are built in such a way that they often give us clear signals when something is wrong. The same goes for the excessive fatigue of our body. When our immune system begins to fight to protect our health, it starts sending messages to us like fatigue. Constant work and stress mean that we cannot regenerate ourselves properly, which in the long run can cause various inflammatory conditions in our body. This can manifest in a number of ways, including mood swings, drowsiness, or a lack of desire to do something. Rest is crucial for our health, because without good recovery we cannot function properly. In fact, a person may report that they feel “exhausted at work” in the absence of rest. Our efficiency can be at a very low level and we can have problems concentrating, which means that, paradoxically, we can work more but at a much lower level of efficiency. This means that in much more time we are doing much less work than usual. Making our bodies tired is not profitable in the long run, so consider resting.

Listen to your body

Especially at work, try to take breaks every hour and a half. Don’t go to a full day’s work without disconnecting and taking short periods of rest. Sustained attention has been shown to have a limited duration of just over 90 minutes. It turns out that by taking breaks every hour or so, efficiency can be kept at a relatively high level. It is important to take breaks, even short, from time to time, our brain is not able to function for several hours at full speed without stopping. A good way to do this is to get out into nature, take a short walk, and completely unplug your electronics. Following this rule will increase your efficiency at work.

Entertainment is important

It might not be popular, but taking a break from the world around us is important. This can be done in several ways. Whether it’s going out to play a football game on the weekends or playing poker with friends. Luckily, there are plenty of great deals out there online without having to leave your home, like the platform that compares the top rated casinos in the industry and recommends the best games on the market like free slots online, designed for you. test their software without spending any money. . and to have fun in the comforts of home without the surrounding hustle and bustle of casinos. Work is important, but that’s not all: you have to know how to say enough when fatigue begins to dominate mind and body.

Trust nature

When your body tells you it needs a break, go with your gut. Preferably in a place where you can enjoy communion with nature. Studies show that people who spend more time outdoors have better memory capacity than those who spend time in cities, where they are bombarded with new information and new stimuli that steal their attention from all sides. .

In one of his investigations, Marc Berman, a psychologist working at the University of South Carolina, assessed students who had to memorize a series of random numbers and recreate them in reverse order. It turned out that those who walked among the trees remembered 1.5 digits more on average, and those who rested in the city only improved their score by 0.5 digits on average.

Meditation promotes concentration, memory and rest

It is easy to give our body rest when we are comfortably reading a book on the sofa. But what happens to our mind? It also needs a break from the daily rush of thoughts, and meditation is a great way to quickly refresh your mind by giving it a break.

Research shows that people with the discipline to meditate undergo profound changes in the structure of their brain, stimulating it to produce the neurotrophin BDNF, a protein that protects neurons and helps the development of the nervous system. People who regularly practice meditation have a greater capacity for concentration and memory, and can cope more easily with negative emotions.

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