Results of the American Indian elections: four Democratic deputies of Indian origin of the “ Samosa Caucus ”, including Raja Krishnamurthy, re-elected

The four candidates of Indian descent – Dr Amy Berra, Pramila Jaipal, Ro Khanna and Raja Krishnamurthy – who ran for the US House of Representatives on a Democratic Party ticket, performed brilliantly in the US election, won again. is. The Indo-American community first became a major force in the election of the American president.

The Democratic and Republican parties have taken a number of steps to win over the community’s 1.8 million voters, as community votes are critical to victory in thorn-fighting states like Florida, Georgia , Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania. Groups of Indian MPs are informally referred to as the “Samosa Caucus”. There is every possibility of an increase of at least one member in that group in this election as Dr. Heral Tipirneni leads Republican candidate David Schweckert in Arizona’s sixth constituency until final notice.

If Heral, 52, is elected, she will be the second woman of Indian descent to join the House of Representatives. Jaipal is the first woman of Indian descent elected to represent in 2016. The Samosa Caucus currently has five Indo-American MPs, four of whom are delegation members and the fifth member is Senator Kamala Harris. Harris is the Democratic Party’s running mate in this election.

Krishnamurthy (47) easily defeated Libertarian Party candidate Preston Nelson. By the time of the final notification, he had received approximately 71% of the total votes counted. Ro Khanna easily defeated his Indian-born rival and Republican candidate Ritesh Tandon (48). He won by almost 50% of the vote. Khanna won the 17th Congress in California for the third time in a row. The longest-serving Samosa Caucus member Dr. Amy Berra (55) easily won California’s seventh congressional constituency for the fifth time.

In his last report, he had an unassailable 25 percent lead over 65-year-old Republican rival Buzz Patterson. At the same time, Mr. Preston Kulkarni (42), who fights the Democratic Party in the 22nd Congress constituency in Texas, is waging a fierce fight against Republican candidate Troy Nehls (52). He was behind by five percent of the vote until the final opinion. Republican candidate Manga Anantamula of the 11th Congress constituency in Wagernia lost to incumbent Democratic MP and candidate Gerry Connolly. Republican Party candidate Nisha Sharma also lost to Democratic Party candidate Mark DeSoulnier by more than 50% of the vote.

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