Resumption of flights to India in UAE: Good news for Indians living in UAE, flights between India and Dubai begin

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There is good news for people traveling to UAE from there to India, flights from Dubai to some cities in India will resume from July 15th. Vistara Airways and Indigo Airlines flights to Dubai will begin Dubai.
There is great news for people traveling to UAE and coming from there to India. Flights from Dubai to some cities in India will resume from July 15. Full information in this regard has been given on the website of Indian Airlines. Vistara Airways’ flight to Dubai is about to begin. Not only that, Indigo Airlines has also started to book on its website.

It is believed that after several delays, the air route between the two countries will now be reopened from July 15. Previously, due to the threat of the corona virus, the movement of planes was stopped from April 24 itself. At the same time, Abu Dhabi announced that it would allow Indian travelers to come from July 21. A source said flights from India could resume after Eid.

According to Gulf News, Vistara Airways’ flight from Dubai to New Delhi will also begin. Emirates Airline and Fly Dubai’s flight will start from July 16. At the same time, Etihad Airways will start its flight from July 22. Earlier, Emirates Airways had announced that it would begin flights to India from June 23. However, no official announcement has yet been made to lift this travel ban.

Here are the rules for traveling from India to the United Arab Emirates
This latest development has brought great relief to Indian lakhs working in the UAE. Due to this ban, a large number of workers, especially those working in the healthcare sector, have been stranded in India. These Indian workers will now be able to return to the United Arab Emirates. However, certain rules have been established for passengers arriving from India. Only Indians who have obtained the Corona vaccine approved in the UAE will be allowed to come.

Indian citizens will be required to submit a negative COVID report taken within 48 hours of their flight. In this, the citizens of the United Arab Emirates are exempt. Only PCR test result certificate containing QR code will be accepted. All passengers will be required to undergo a rapid PCR test 4 hours prior to travel. Upon landing at Dubai Airport, all passengers will be required to undergo a PCR test. Passengers will need to go to institutional quarantine until the PCR test result is released. It may take about 24 hours.

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