Retired health workers will join to be part of the vaccination systems and fight against the pandemic

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021 3:43 PM

Published on: 02/21/2021 3:41 PM

Cristina de la Cámara has been a general practitioner for 42 years and now, retired, she says she would have no problem returning to work: “I could join and I think a lot of my colleagues could do that too”, says -she.

On a related note, Isabel Jordán, who worked as a nurse for 40 years, believes retired health workers can help in these difficult times with “vaccination campaigns and treatment of patients with covid” .

Asturias, Valencia or Murcia are looking for professionals who wish to join

Many autonomous communities have already opened the door to professionals, like them, who are resting after so many years to devote themselves to the care of all, to join. Asturias, Valencia or Murcia are already looking for these professionals, although each territory sets its conditions. In this sense, Diego Ayuso, secretary general of the General Nursing Council, underlines that “the situation is irregular in Spain”.

In Madrid, for example, they announced that it would be people under the age of 70, that it would be a paid job and compatible with retirement, and that their work will be aimed at vaccination campaigns, as well as care. of covid patients.

“We don’t believe that face-to-face care should be given to patients, whether they are covid or not, because of the risk this could pose for some of us,” says Cristina de la Cámara, member of the retired doctors from the Madrid Society of Family Medicine, SOMAMFYC.

The associations ask that the reincorporation be done with guarantees

Thus, from the associations, they emphasize that if they are incorporated, it must be under certain conditions, such as “all nurses are active”, as Ayuso indicates, in addition to having minimum security conditions. “Retirees cannot occupy staff positions, but they should do support work and not face covid”, defends Concha Herranz, primary care physician. The objective: above all to guarantee the safety of those who have always been up to the task.

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