Revolutionary Microsoft Store Coming Soon to Windows 10

Windows 10’s Microsoft Store has been heavily criticized by users for years. Its questionable performance, outdated interface, persistent bugs, and lack of attention to developers have been in the spotlight in most complaints. But soon it will end. Microsoft is preparing a new Store app that will debut with Windows 10 Sun Valley later this year.

Sun Valley has come to change everything

As Zac Bowden reports for Windows Central, this new application will have a completely renewed interface, will be much faster than the current one, and will attempt to bring its policies closer to developers and users.

The release framework for this app is none other than Sun Valley, the big update that will arrive in Windows 10 at the end of the year and that promises to turn everything upside down.

The new Microsoft Store will remain a UWP app and will be updated monthly with new features and improvements. No need to have a Store abandoned by Microsoft and in “maintenance mode” like the current one.

In the aesthetic section, the new Store will use modern WinUI controls and feature new smooth animations based on Fluent Design. In addition, it will include a new iconography and its performance will be much better than the current one.

According to Zac Bowden, the three main changes that the new Microsoft Store will introduce for developers are:

Allow developers to submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the Store. Offer developers the ability to host apps and updates on their own CDN. Allow developers to use third-party commercial platforms in their applications.

This will allow developers to download their Win32 apps from the Microsoft Store without any code changes. Until now, developers were required to package their apps as MSIX and were forced to use the Store’s update server and commercial platforms.

Full commitment to the new Windows 10 app platform

With these changes, Microsoft aims to convince apps the size of Firefox or Zoom to join the New Store revolution, giving them more control over their apps.

Microsoft’s intention is to position the new Store as a fully open platform for users to easily find the best Windows apps. Thanks to these changes, it is very likely that we will see apps like Google Chrome or Adobe Creative Cloud in the Microsoft Store, which was unthinkable until now.

Microsoft will be the first to lead by example and will include many of its apps in the new Store such as Teams, Office, Edge, and even Visual Studio. This is a real declaration of intent on Microsoft’s part. Windows is back and the app platform will be more alive than ever with Project Reunion and the new Microsoft Store.

Redmond is expected to announce this new Microsoft Store app in build 2021 and release the preview shortly thereafter. Development is expected to be completed in time for Sun Valley’s arrival in October.

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