rhino urine puffed egret: 1100 kg rhino ‘tricked’ its friend, rainy eurin – kenya unlucky egret blows itself out of rhino urine in nairobi national park viral image

In the African country of Kenya, it was too much for a heron to stand in the wrong place at the wrong time. A heron walked behind a rhino weighing around 1,100 kg in Nairobi National Park, Kenya. Meanwhile, Rhinoceros began to urinate full force. Heron’s whole body was filled with rhinos. Heron was very angry with this incident, but in front of the 1100 kg rhinos, half a kilo did not run.

Even after the urine rain, Heron didn’t let her distract her and continues to follow the rhinos. This amusing incident was captured by Indian-born wildlife photographer Nagraj Tilak Raj in his camera. Nagaraj lives in Nairobi and traveled to Nairobi National Park with her family at the time of the incident. Rhinoceros urinate backwards due to the flexing of their penises. Giant-bodied rhinos can urinate up to a distance of about 16.

Many times rhinos do the same to seduce the female. By the way, the friendship between the rhino and the heron is quite old. Often times, herons follow rhinos. Not only that, herons often come a long way by sitting on the rhino’s back. In fact, rhinos have many insects on their bodies, and the heron helps rhinos by eating them. Rhinos can’t clean themselves. It is not said that if someone comes with the intention of attacking the rhino, then the herons will alert the rhino as well.

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