richard branson virgin galactic: Virgin Galactic to sell space flight ticket: Virgin galactic to offer space travel ticket

A few weeks ago, famous British businessman Richard Branson became the first billionaire to touch space. Now his spacecraft company Virgin Galactic has announced that it will start selling space flight tickets starting Thursday. On July 11, Branson made the historic journey in the company’s rocket plane with Indian-born Shirisha Bandla and two other passengers.

There will be three types of tickets
In June, Virgin Galactic obtained permission from the US aviation safety regulator to take people into space. The company says it will offer three modes. One is a single seat, the other is a multi-seat package, and the third is a full-flight buyback. The cost of a seat for this exciting journey will be over $ 450,000, or 3.33 crore rupees.

“New dawn of the space age”
Richard tweeted after returning from the historic journey – “Welcome to the new dawn of the space age.” Many billionaires around the world wanted to travel to space first, but Branson won it. Along with this, a new era of private space travel seems to be starting with space exploration. Days later, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also returned after hitting space.

Virgin Galactic space flight: Richard Branson returned after traveling to space, India-born Shirisha Bandla also made the story
Shirisha Bandla made the story
Shirisha Bandla, of Indian origin, also accompanied him on this trip. Bandla became the third woman of Indian descent to go to space. Before him, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams traveled to space. Williams was born in America. However, Rakesh Sharma is the only Wing Commander to have traveled to space as an Indian citizen.

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