Richard Branson vs Jeff Bezos: Space Race: Richard Branson shatters the dream of the richest industrialist in the world, the furious Jeff Bezos

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Legendary Global Billionaire Richard Branson Makes History by Traveling in Space Virgin Galactic owner Branson is the first billionaire to travel in space
Legendary global billionaire Richard Branson made history traveling through space at the age of 70. Virgin Galactic owner Branson is the world’s first billionaire to travel to space. Not only that, Richard set a record while traveling in space at such an age. Along with this, Richard shattered the dream of the world’s richest billionaire Jeff Bezos to go to space first, which spawned his company Blue Origin.

Richard Branson was warmly greeted by his wife and children upon his return to Earth. According to Richard, going to space was his childhood dream. Branson and his five other Virgin Galactic crews climbed 280,000 feet from the VSS Unity spacecraft. After returning to Earth, Richard said: “Like all children, I also dreamed of the opportunity to travel in space. But nothing can prepare you for how Earth looks from space. It was all completely magical.

Richard Branson wins
Richard tweeted a photo taken from the plane during this trip. He wrote: “Welcome to the new dawn of the space age.” Jeff Bezos, the richest billionaire in the world, wanted to travel to space first, but Richard Branson won it. Jeff Bezos will also travel to space on July 20. Meanwhile, after Jeff Bezos’ dream was shattered, his company Blue Origin raged at Richard Branson.

Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, said Richard Branson was technically not the first billionaire to travel to space. He said the flight of the Virgin Galactic space plane should not be considered “space flight” because it will not cross the Carman Line. In fact, Branson has traveled 89 miles above the earth from the New Mexico Desert. The US space agency NASA estimates that space begins 80 km above the Earth.

New Shepherd will reach a height of 100 km
On the other hand, Blue Origin claims that this is not a journey to the true frontier of space. Unlike Branson, Jeff Bezos’ New Shepherd spacecraft will fly to an altitude of 100 km above Earth. Blue Origin claims that most people believe space begins at an altitude of 100 km. He said the New Shepherd rocket is designed to go over the Carman Line.

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