Rings of Saturn: Photos of the rings of Saturn from NASA Saturn closest to Earth in August

August is going to be full of fascinating celestial events in the sky and it starts from Monday itself. Saturn can be seen in the dark sky since the sun goes down. In fact, nowadays Saturn is so close to our Earth that it can be seen without any equipment. However, a telescope would be needed to view its rings. At the same time, NASA recently shared a photo of Saturn’s magnificent rings.

Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth that can be seen without any equipment. It is closest to the earth in August. During this time, the Earth is in the middle of the Sun and Saturn and it is called Opposition. Saturn can be seen as a yellow star in the sky. This view will remain for the entire month, so there will be plenty of opportunities to view it.

At the same time, US space agency NASA shared a post explaining how Saturn’s unique rings finally formed. These rings extend up to 2.82 lakh kilometers from Saturn. It is believed to contain comets, asteroids and broken moons. It contains billions of pieces of ice and rock on which dust collects. Their size can range from cereal grains to huge houses. Some are like mountains.

NASA said that when viewed from above Saturn’s clouds, these rings will have a white color. All of them orbit Saturn at different speeds. Saturn can be seen in the dark night sky, but due to cloudy and rainy weather there may be some issues. The good thing is that it will be available for the entire month.

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