Riots in Ecuadorian prisons Death of detainees: Video: horrific gang warfare in three Ecuadorian prisons, at least 67 prisoners killed, many injured

In the Latin American country of Ecuador on Tuesday there was a fierce gang rape by anti-criminal groups in three prisons in which at least 67 prisoners died. An Ecuadorian official, Idmundo Moncayo, gave information about this horrific gang war. National police said the clash took place in Guayas, Ajuay and Kotopaxi prisons. At least eight people have died in a detention center in the port city of Guayaquil.

Guiyakil Town Police Chief Patricio Carrillo confirmed this. He said the police were trying to end this violence. After the violence, the police released a statement saying that the incidents that took place today at the social reform centers have been controlled by the police. So far, 50 prisoners have been confirmed dead.

“ Criminal organizations execute violence ”
According to the Anadolu agency, inmates in one part of the prison were attacked by inmates from the other part. At least 50 prisoners have been held in this prison. In a statement posted on Twitter, the country’s president, Lenin Moreno, said the violence was carried out by criminal organizations. He said criminal organizations simultaneously attacked several prisons in the country. The minister and the police are taking steps to reoccupy all the prisons.

Please say that there is frequent gang warfare in Ecuador. Earlier in December, 11 people were killed and 7 seriously injured in violence inside prisons. Violence often occurs inside prisons not only in Ecuador but also in other Latin American countries. The video of this violence is now widely distributed on social networks.

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