Rising digitization drives demand for talent

Over the past year, the pandemic has caused our economy to contract by -11%, at the same time as a trend has hyper-accelerated globally: digitization. As lockdowns, school closures and entire industries go into hibernation, digital skills have become more essential than ever. Professionals capable of occupying jobs in fields such as cybersecurity, data science, software development, digital product design and digital marketing are among the most in demand in the world and in Spain there are enough of talents to supply the labor market in our country. For this reason, The Bridge digital school and the startup that helps fund StudentFinance studies, come together to launch Digital Talent Pipeline, a program that aims to generate opportunities for the development of digital professional profiles among the population with the greatest potential. .

This project collaborates with the commercial fabric to accelerate the digital capacities of their teams and allow them to access diverse and high-performance talents through training, conferences, workshops and talent research. It is a platform for socio-economic mobility and the building of a new talented, diverse and digital workforce.

StudentFinance, funding to promote digital studies:

Digital Talent Pipeline, reflects its commitment to the employability of its students by giving students the possibility of opting for ISA (Income Share Agreement) funding from StudentFinance, with special conditions and very beneficial for students, because they do not reimburse the amount only when they find a good job, paying only a small percentage of their salary. If for some reason you lose your job, the deal will end.

The Bridge and StudentFinance are pioneers in the acceleration of talent in digital professions, by offering training through immersive programs in Bootcamp format, to develop the potential and development of students and thus offer them a professional future, energize their careers and help close the existing one. digital skills gap.

Some of the companies that join this initiative and find talent in The Bridge are: Telefnica, Deloitte or Nationale Nederlanden, among others.

According to Iker Arce, CEO of The Bridge, “At The Bridge, we believe that everyone, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to achieve their personal and professional aspirations. With the Digital Talent Pipeline, we want to contribute to this while working to solve one of the main challenges of our economy: the training of digital professionals. Through StudentFinance, we can broaden the reach of our program and make our training accessible to groups in society where it can have the greatest impact. “

Likewise, Mariano Kostelec, CEO of StudentFinance, declares that “for us it is an honor to have schools like The Bridge among our offer. We strive to make the best training accessible to everyone, which is why our business model offers solutions so that students can finance their studies and only start paying after finding a job, with a salary above the minimum threshold. “.

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