Risk of death from Covid 19 in children: Very low risk of serious illness and death from corona virus in children: British research – British study finds very low risk of serious illness and death from covid- 19 in children

Good news has come out of Britain amid the danger of children falling prey to the third wave of the corona virus in India. A comprehensive analysis of public health data in the UK has found that children and adolescents have a very low risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19. However, researchers have found that getting the corona virus infection can increase the risk of getting seriously ill in young people who already have serious problems.

The report, written by researchers at University College London (UCL), University of Bristol, University of York and University of Liverpool, also recommends a vaccination policy for people under 18 years old. In total, three studies were analyzed. A study found that 251 people under the age of 18 in England were admitted to the intensive care unit for treatment of Kovid-19 by February 2021.

Two in a million people are at risk of dying from infection
According to the researchers, this showed that a teenager in the UK was likely to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 and admitted to intensive care in 47,903 people. Another study reported that 25 children and adolescents died from Covid-19 in England. That is, one in 4.81,000 or two in a million people were at risk of dying from infection.

“These new studies show that the risk of serious illness or death from SARS-CoV-2 is very low in children and adolescents,” said lead researcher Professor Russell Wiener of both studies. In the third study, after analyzing 55 research articles, similar conclusions were drawn from the two studies above. Scientists now have hope thanks to this analysis of Britain.

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