riyadh delhi indian airlines: indian airlines passenger dies during flight, emergency landing at karachi airport from riyadh-delhi flight – emergency landing indian airlines fly from riyadh mumbai to airport by karachi

Regardless of the tension in India-Pakistan relations, the religion of humanism is at the top which is followed when it is needed. His latest revelation was seen on Tuesday when Indian airlines’ Go-Air flight from Riyadh to Delhi had to be diverted to Karachi Airport due to a medical emergency. However, the passengers for whom the emergency landing was made could not be rescued.

A passenger on Go-Air flight G8- 6658A suffered an in-flight cardiac arrest, after which Pakistani authorities cleared the landing on humanitarian grounds. According to reports, a 30-year-old man suffered cardiac arrest aboard the Go Air plane. He resided in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

He passed out on the plane after which an emergency landing was made. Doctors at the airport declared him dead. The aircraft was then cleared to take off and take off. Details of the deceased passenger have yet to be revealed.

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