rizieq shihab: six supporters of radical cleric killed by Indonesian police, many weapons recovered – six alleged supporters of Irish cleric

Six supporters of a radical cleric died in a clash with police in Indonesia on Monday. Jakarta Police Chief Fadil Imran said the six radicals allegedly killed in the meeting were supporters of Indonesian Islamic cleric Rizik Shihab. Rizik Shihab is accused of engaging in pornography and treason. He recently returned to Indonesia after spending a life of exile in Saudi Arabia.

Police recounted how the encounter happened
Police said the incident occurred on the freeway on Sunday evening as police chased a car. Police suspected the car had supporters of radical clerics. As the police car approached the car, the drivers started shooting. All six car thieves were killed in police retaliation.

Radical Shihab is a radical cleric
Rijik Shihab is known as the fundamentalist cleric of Indonesia. He is also the head of the conservative Islamic group Islamic Defender Front (FPI). This organization also has considerable influence in Indonesia. In 2017, he left Indonesia and took refuge in Saudi Arabia after being accused of pornography and treason. Maulvi’s supporters say he was accused of false and false accusations, but found it appropriate to leave the country instead of being under the law.

Muslim religious leaders embroiled in controversy upon return home
The fundamentalist Islamist clergy returned to Indonesia and again became embroiled in controversy. Thousands of people dressed in white Islamic clothing gathered to greet him at the airport in Jakarta. Nowadays, overcrowding of any kind is banned in Indonesia due to the increase in cases of corona virus. Not only that, there was also a competition among his followers to kiss Rizik Shihab’s hand.

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