Robles criticizes “intolerance and delusions” of ex-Franco militaries of the cat during the military Easter


Publication: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 13:54

Defense Minister Margarita Robles took advantage of her intervention during the celebration of the Military Passover to deplore and reject the “intolerance and delusions” of former senior army officials who called for coups d’état and the shooting of “26 million motherfuckers” in a WhatsApp chat.

“ An insignificant minority which represents only itself and which seeks publicity and notoriety that it neither deserves nor has, and which irresponsibly calls into question the foundations of coexistence in Spain only deserves the the most absolute rejection for its intolerance, its illusions and its total distance from military values, ”assured the Minister.

Robles did this before King Felipe VI, to whom some of these soldiers addressed in a letter claiming to defend the Constitution and asking the monarch to act against the “social-communist government backed by pro-independence and pro -independence ”which wants to break Spain.

The letter sent to the Zarzuela Palace did not receive a response from the monarch, and this was one of the problems the king had to face precisely at the opening of the military year.

Robles insists on the exemplary character of the armed forces

Robles insisted on the exemplary character of the military, more than ever thanks to its performance during the pandemic. The Minister of Defense recalled the Balmis and Baluarte operations, for which thousands of soldiers acted as part of the transfer of the sick and deceased, of disinfection or the establishment of field hospitals like Ifema. .

All have done so, according to Robles, “in a discreet manner, without seeking prominence, showing the values ​​which govern the behavior of our armies and our navy, guided by the strictest neutrality and defending, if necessary in their lives, the values, principles and rights recognized therein “.

This is why, given the exemplary performance of the armed forces, “no one has the right, let alone those who wore the uniform, to undermine the immense prestige that our armies have, with full conscience and gratitude. of Spanish society “.

Robles insisted on the fact that the Spanish armies of today are modern and democratic forces, formed “exclusively” within the framework of the Constitution, excluding that they were educated in intolerance or in Francoist authoritarian currents.

The prosecution investigates the cat

This is not the first time that the Minister has spoken out against these members of the cat, although it is the first time that she has done so in such a solemn act. Robles has already harshly criticized the military when the first information came to light, revealed by ‘infoLibre’, and also sent a letter to the prosecution in which the investigation into said cat was requested “in case the facts reflected in the chat would constitute. of the crime “.

The Madrid provincial prosecutor’s office has opened a procedure to investigate the content of the conversations of the WhatsApp group called “El Chat de la XIX del Aire”. According to the prosecution, the chat featured messages from senior retired army commanders where “they are deploying demonstrations that are totally contrary to constitutional order, making veiled allusions to a military statement.”

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