“Rocío Monasterio is bad people because she looks the other way in front of an envelope with bullets”

More Madrid’s candidate for the May 4 regional elections, Mónica García, called her Vox counterpart Rocío Monasterio “bad people,” but said the president’s “equidistance” seemed more “aberrant” to the Community and candidate for re-election by the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In a video recorded from Retiro Park, Mónica García admitted that she spoke “always with the wrong body due to the violence and tension” experienced the day before during the failed debate organized by the “Cadena Ser”. “It strikes me as a real tragedy that if the ICUs are full, some are only waiting to offer noise and hatred,” he said, referring to the Monastery, which he openly declared that he did not. can be called “bad people” only by “looking away when he talks about an envelope with bullets.”

For García, Vox’s questioning of the death threat of United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias “is the last straw that has filled the back of the camel after a year of depreciation of women, of criminalization of women. children or consideration of sick women. LGTBI people “.

“But if there is anything even more aberrant, it is Ayuso’s equidistance. I want Ms. Díaz Ayuso to please explain to me how freedom is like threats, hatred and meanness.” , he questioned the “popular”. For this reason, he asked him “to stop hiding his head like an ostrich, to be honest and have the courage to admit if he continues to aspire to rule with those who threaten the coexistence of Madrid and Madrid. “.

On the other hand, García defended that Más Madrid’s roadmap is completely different: “In the face of provocations, threats and noise, we will talk about what really matters; there is nothing that scares people more. the far right than to talk about health centers, schools, climate, conciliation “, he assured, to which he added:” I will speak about the problems of the people of Madrid and of Madrid with enthusiasm and empathy, who are the best hate vaccine and which will give Ayuso the ‘game over’ on May 4. “

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