rocket attack on Israel: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 36 rockets fired at Israel during night IDF hits Hamas terrorist targets in Gaza: 36 rockets fired by Israel from Gaza Strip at Israel, Israel Defense Forces retaliate

Tensions in Jerusalem sparked violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Palestinian militants fired at least 36 rockets, while Israel targeted Hamas-led targets in Gaza. Clashes have increased in recent times in Jerusalem, which has long been the main center of confrontation in Israel-Palestine, and it is here that the holy sites of Jews, Christians and Muslims are located.

Increased security in Jerusalem
Residents of Jerusalem fear further unrest, as police have stepped up security and the US embassy has called for peace. Israeli police said on Friday that 44 people were arrested and 20 policemen were injured in the nighttime violence in Jerusalem. Angry Palestinians and Arabs clashed with security forces in Jerusalem over the imposition of sanctions during Ramadan.

Hamas said – Don’t test our patience
The events in Jerusalem provoke Gaza. The Hamas armed unit warned Israel not to test its patience and began blowing up southern Israel late at night from the Palestinian enclave and continued until Saturday morning.

The Israeli army vigorously bombed Gaza
The IDF said its planes and tanks also fired rockets. Hamas did not claim responsibility for the attack, but a small military unit affiliated with the Left Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claims to have fired missiles. Breaking the nighttime curfew imposed by Hamas to prevent the Corona virus outbreak, at dawn, hundreds of people took to the streets to support their fellow Palestinians in Jerusalem and burned tires.

Violence did not erupt on Friday
There was speculation that violence could erupt after Friday afternoon prayers at Masjid-e-Aqsa in Jerusalem, but people returned peacefully after Muslim religious leaders called for restraint.

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