rocket attack United States Embassy: rocket attack on the United States Embassy in Iraq Baghdad: rocket attack on the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq

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For the third time in a week, a rocket struck in the Green Zone area, two distant armed factions had warned of attacks.
Three rockets were fired at the American embassy in the green high security zone of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. One of them fell inside the green zone, but the other two fell in a nearby residential area. This is the third attack on a Western diplomatic, military or commercial base in a week in Iraq after several months of peace.

Days earlier, an Iraqi armed group that rocked the US air base in Kurdistan, Iraq, warned that new attacks against “the US occupation” would continue. A foreign civilian contractor was killed and nine other people were injured in the horrific attack, including US citizens. It has been described as the worst attack in the past year.

Iraqi group threatening US airbase threatens, fierce attacks will continue
Officials said on condition of anonymity that the rockets were fired from the town of Irbil on Monday evening. Responsibility for this rocket attack lies with the Shiite rebel group Awliya al-Dam or the Blood Guardians organization. Over the past year, several groups have claimed to have attacked the US base, but US and Iraqi intelligence officials believe they are all members of pro-Iran Qatab Hezbollah and Assaib Ahl al-Haq.

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