Rodrigo Duterte Guard Covid 19 Vaccines: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Guards Used Contraband Covid 19 Vaccines, Defense Minister Says

Filipino Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana said Wednesday that security guards for the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte had smuggled the unapproved corona virus vaccine. However, the defense minister called it “justified”. Previously, there had been reports that the president’s bodyguards received an unapproved corona virus vaccine in September itself. After this disclosure, there was a ruckus in the country.

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve the corona virus, and health activists have not set a deadline for its implementation. The defense minister said the president’s security team acquired the corona virus vaccine without government approval and planted it without their knowledge.

‘Corona virus vaccine given wisely’
Asked whether the contraband was brought into the vaccine, the defense minister replied, “Yes, as they were not allowed by contraband and only the government can approve.” He said the security team should explain why they broke the rules. The minister also said it was justified … it will protect them so that they are not infected and at the same time they can protect the president.

Earlier, Brigadier Jesus Durante, the head of the security team, said some members of his unit received the Corona virus vaccine with good reason and then reported it to the president. Let us tell you that President Rodrigo Duterte has now threatened America that if he did not give the Corona virus vaccine he would cancel the military deal. On Saturday, Duterte said if the United States did not give a vaccine to fight the novel Corona virus, it would go ahead with the plan to cancel the visiting forces deal.

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