Rodrigo Duterte net worth: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warns people to send to jail for refusing COVID vaccine

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has once again made a controversial statement regarding the corona vaccine. Speaking to the public, he said Filipinos who do not want to be vaccinated should leave the country. If you want, go to India, America, or wherever. During this speech, he threatened to send people to jail for refusing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Get vaccinated or go to jail”
Duterte’s statement came at a time when the delta variant of the corona virus is spreading very rapidly in the Philippines. For this reason, the borders of the Philippines have been placed on the highest alert level. In his message to the public on Monday night, Duterte said: “You can choose. You get the vaccine or I send you to jail. The total population of the Philippines is 11 crore and as of Monday only 1.95 people have completely received the corona vaccine.

Duterte angry at slow vaccination
The Philippines started applying the corona vaccine in March, but there are reports that very few people are coming for the vaccine. There are also reports that people struggle a lot to get the vaccine from Pfizer. The president admitted he was getting excited because of the “fools” not getting the corona vaccine. After that, he threatened to vaccinate these people against pigs.

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America has been threatened with vaccine
Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte threatened the United States that if the corona virus vaccine was not administered, it would void the military deal. Duterte said if the United States does not provide a vaccine to fight the novel corona virus, it will move forward with the plan to cancel the visiting forces agreement. However, given the growing tension with China, the Philippines extended the deal to maintain the US base for a year.

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Duterte has already made controversial statements
Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte issued a strange decree to cleanse the mask of the corona virus. He said people should make their face masks free from gasoline infection. President Duterte also announced the shooting of those who violated the corona virus lockdown. After that, the alleged incident of the shooting of scores of people who violated the lockdown in the country was revealed.

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