Rodrigo Duterte: Rodrigo Duterte says conflict with China in the South China Sea will not end without bloodshed: Stress in the South China Sea with China will not end without bloodshed

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Rodrigo Duterte threatens China over bloody South China Sea conflict
The dispute between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea is becoming increasingly serious. Today, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte responded in his own way to the growing threat from China. He said there was no other way in the South China Sea than war with China. Announcing the deployment of the Philippine Navy, Duterte said this conflict would not end without bloodshed.

Duterte said – maybe we lose
The President of the Philippines, along with Defense Minister Delphin Lorenzana, told his entire cabinet that we can only withdraw our territory in the South China Sea through power. Without it, there is no other way to take this region back. We cannot find a way to get back to the Philippine Sea without bloodshed. He also said that we might not win during the violence.

Chinese occupation accepted for the first time
In this televised address, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte publicly acknowledged the presence of Chinese boats on the Julina Felipe Reef for the first time. The island has been controlled by the Philippines for decades, but militia boats operating under the Chinese navy have surrounded the reef for some time.

China considers its share
China considers it to be part of the Whitson Reef of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The Philippine Navy also made several attempts to capture Julina Felipe Reef, but each time they were pushed back by Chinese ships. Philippine Defense Minister Delphine Lorenzana said that whenever we want to approach this island, we have not been able to capture it.

Big shock to China’s plans, US military base remains in the Philippines
Diplomatic opposition does not affect China
The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has also repeatedly raised diplomatic opposition over the illegal presence of the Beijing Maritime Militia. The situation in Manila has also been repeatedly called to Chinese Embassy officials, but it does not appear to be having any effect. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also described the region as part of its country.

South China Sea tension: China all around surrounded in the South China Sea, the Philippines will now maneuver with America
China captured the Philippine reef
A government watchdog at the disputed maritime border said Chinese-flagged ships, including four Chinese navy vessels, were massing on the man-made island occupied by China, a threat to shipping and marine life, and threatened coral reefs could reach. At the same time, it is also a threat to the sovereign rights of the Philippines. While China has declared that the respective sea zone belongs to it and Chinese ships stay there to avoid the bad maritime situation.

Missile Brahmos: The Philippines will be equipped with the gunpowder from the BrahMos, the dragon will be killed in the South China Sea!
The Philippines will maneuver with America
Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Cirlito Sobjana said the South China Sea will have a dummy named Balikatan with the U.S. military for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the armies of both countries will learn the ropes of counterinsurgency and relief and rescue operations. Explain that the United States also has a military base in the Philippines. It is said that 700 American soldiers and 1,300 Filipino soldiers will take part in this exercise.

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