Rodrigo Rato, on the bench for money laundering, corruption and crimes against the Treasury


Posted: Wed Jun 02 2021 11:50 AM

The investigating judge in the Rato case agreed to open an oral trial against the former vice-president of the Aznar government for crimes against the public treasury, money laundering and corruption between individuals.

The prosecution asked Rodrigo Rato for 70 years in prison for 11 offenses against the Public Treasury, as well as a money laundering offense, a punishable insolvency offense, a commercial bribery offense and a continuing offense of forgery. an official and mercantile document.

Thus, he requested prison terms of between four and six years for each of the 11 offenses against the Public Treasury, six years for the offense of money laundering, four for the offense of punishable insolvency, four others for the offense. corruption in business. , and, finally, three for the offense of documentary forgery.

Despite this, in the order of the investigating court n ° 31 of Madrid, the magistrate rejects the opening of an oral trial against Rodrigo Rato for the alleged commission of crimes of continuous lying and punishable insolvency, as requested by the floor.

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