Rohingya refugees Bangladesh: Bangladesh sends Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to Bhasan Char island: Bangladesh sends Rohingya refugees to dangerous island

There is an area in the Bay of Bengal where a single cyclone can submerge the entire earth. Before this year, no one lived there but the Government of Bangladesh took such a step that made thousands of lives difficult. Refugees arriving in Bangladesh to escape the ongoing violence in Myanmar are sent to Bhasan Island. On Friday 1,640 Rohingya Muslims arrived aboard seven boats.

Sent without a will?
South Asian Amnesty International activist Saad Hammadi said sending Rohingya refugees to a place raises human rights concerns even today journalists or human rights activists cannot reach without authorization. He claimed that many Rohingya had been resettled against his will. However, there are a lot of people who talk about going there without any pressure. There are also many that have been promised larger homes and amenities.

The number of refugees increased after 2017
The government of Bangladesh says its plan is to send Bhasan Char to a Rohingya lakh who is also known as a “floating island” in Bangla. The number of Rohingya refugees has increased since 2017. Camps have continued to expand on the coast near Cox’s Bazar, a town in Bangladesh that has increased its population. Due to these landslides and floods as well as violence for limited resources began. At the same time, elephants living in nearby forests began to pass through these camps which bothered them.

How exactly are the circumstances?
Bangladesh Foreign Ministry says Bhasan Char has facilities, lakes and infrastructure capable of withstanding disasters. However, refugees already living there said people were living in small barracks on the island. The medical establishment is also less numerous and the storms continue to mount outside. Refugees International’s senior lawyer Daniel Sullivan called the plan inhumane. Last month, several human rights organizations released a letter to Bangladesh’s foreign minister requesting permission to travel to Bhasan. It was not accepted.
(Source: New York Times)

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