Rooster kills policeman in Philippines: fierce chicken fighting, policeman dies in Philippines – Fighting rooster kills policeman in raid in Philippines

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In the Philippines, a policeman raided an illegal poultry died in a chicken attack, in fact the hen’s legs were bled, and he cut the artery in the policeman’s leg and caused a lot of blood and death of Police Lieutenant Christichan Bolok. Gainila
The policeman who attacked the illegal chicken fighting in the Philippines died in a chicken attack. In fact, the hen’s legs were covered with blades and the artery in the policeman’s leg was cut. This led to the death of Police Lieutenant Christichan Bolok. It is said that Bolok went there to collect evidence about the illegal game of cockfighting.

Provincial police chief Col. Arnell Apud said during the incident in the northern region of Samar, a sharp thorn in the hen’s leg got caught in the artery of her thigh. left and cut it off. This led to a lot of blood in the policeman’s leg and he died. In the Philippines, the chicken fight is called “Tupada” and is very popular. People spend money there.

Chicken blade fork
During this battle, a blood thorn is placed in the hen’s paw called a gaff. Often a chicken is killed in this battle. After the spread of the corona virus in this deadly battle, other sports and cultural programs were banned. The police chief said, “This is an unfortunate incident and it is an unfortunate thing that I cannot explain.”

Apud said that when I was first told about this unfortunate incident, I couldn’t believe it. This is the first time in my 25 years in police service that I have lost one of my officers in a chicken fight. During the raid in the city of San José, three people were arrested and two hens were seized.

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