Rufián thanks the government for “the courage” to approve the pardons and Sánchez urges him to “build harmony”

Updated: Wednesday 23 June 2021 11:01

Posted: 23.06.2021 10:47

The approval of the pardons and the release of the leaders of the trial will be essential for the Spanish executive to resume dialogue with Catalonia. This was staged that same Wednesday in the debate between Pedro Sánchez and Gabriel Rufián during the government control session.

Esquerra Republicana MP Gabriel Rufián thanked Sánchez for “his courage in the face of the pack” after approving the pardon, although he questioned that his position against independence was not the same before. “I wonder if it is courage or necessity because two years ago you spoke of the accusation, today you speak of politics”, he declared in one of his speeches.

For his part, the chief executive thanked him for “his words” and urged him to build “harmony” and leave behind “discord” because, according to him, “it is a brake on coexistence and progress “. “Catalan and Spanish society deserve a new era,” he said in this regard.

Pedro Sánchez also recalled that the position of the government “has always been public and notorious and that is why Spain is going to travel” because “there is no longer any question that self-determination is unconstitutional, it is that we cannot not continue to fracture Catalan society “. Thus, he addressed the independence judiciary to tell them that the union must be founded “on legality” and that they must “defend the constitutional pact and the statute of Catalonia”.

It is no longer a question of self-determination being unconstitutional, it is that we cannot continue to fracture Catalan society “

Following these statements, Gabriel Rufián did not mention amnesty or self-determination, but he believes that there is still a long “way to go”, alluding to reforms “of the penal code or the law of gag”. “You will not be a true left government as long as there is only one person threatened or imprisoned for having demonstrated,” he said in this regard.

In addition to these arrests, both the pro-independence deputy and the Prime Minister evoked various allusions by Pablo Casado. The former reminded him that the Constitution includes pardons in article 62 and said that “the lesson is not known because that is what happens when you are given a master’s degree” after saying that he does not do not accept the legality of this measure.

For his part, the Chief Executive defended that his government does not act with its back to Parliament, but that in Parliament the two initiatives presented by the PP were overturned with 190 votes in favor of pardons.

Harder against the government was the MP for Junts per Catalunya, who asked if the president was “ready” to go ahead and turn to the amnesty law, to speak of an “agreed referendum” or to “put an end to the repression”. Otherwise, he says, the pardons approval step will only mean a “reissue of Regime 78”.

You will not be a true left government as long as there is only one person threatened or imprisoned for demonstrating “

In addition, he referred to the Council of Europe report, which called on Spain to consider “the possibility of ending extradition proceedings” against Carles Puigdemont and the rest of the politicians who fled the country. Spain, as well as to abandon the still ongoing processes for lower-ranking officials.

“Europe has approved a devastating report which gives visibility to the fact that here they insisted on hiding. They cannot show that there are no political prisoners in exile, a macrocause against the independence movement or this report which asks Spain to reverse this situation, “Nogueras said in his intervention in the lower house.

Prior to these statements, he also defended that “granting pardons to prisoners does not resolve the political conflict”. Something Pedro Sánchez agreed to, acknowledging that “the measure of grace will not solve what is happening in Catalonia, but it is necessary to conduct a reflection exercise on the part of all parties concerned”. “This pandemic has demonstrated the importance of living together, of working together. Our will is to promote a new period of harmony,” said Pedro Sánchez.

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